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Rainbow Barf

Make terminal output pretty

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So here's the deal ... the world doesn't need any more add Ansi codes to strings for terminal output in node utilities. But as a programmer, of course I built this for the sake of building it. So if you are looking for a utility to make your node terminal output look pretty, check out one of these projects:

If you still want to install it,

npm install rainbow-barf


  var RainbowBarf = require('rainbow-barf');
  var log = new RainbowBarf();

  // pass in styles as a second argument
  log('this message is red', '-c:red');

  // styles can be a string
  log('this one is blue and underlined and bold', '-c:blue -ub');

  // styles can also be an array
  log('this one is yellow with a bright blue background and bold', ['c:yellow', 'k:bright_blue', 'b']);

  // styles can also be an object
  log('this one is black on white and blinking', {
    color: 'black',
    background: 'white',
    formatting: ['blink']

  // I'm trying to be pretty easy going. Do what feels right

available options


b        text is bold

i        text is italic

u        text is underlined

l        text blinks

r		reverse formatting


c:color               format text with specified named color. See below for available colors.

k:background-color    format text with background-color of specified name. See below for available colors.

Inline formatting

-n        do NOT add new line ('\n') after message

Available Colors

demo output


// log a message in the default text color with default formatting

// log a message in bold
log('message', ['b']);

// log a message in red
log('message', ['c:red]);

// log a message in blue with a white background
log('message', ['c:blue', 'k:white']);

// log a message in blue in bold and underlined
log('message', ['c:blue', 'b', 'u']);

// for emphasis options, you can just group those together if you want
log('message', ['c:blue', 'bu']);

Logging diffent formatting inline with -n

log('useage: ', ['bn']);
log('log', ['un']);
log(' [-biulrn] [-c color] [-k background]');

would log

inline ouput

Log somewhere else

If you have a super cool custom logger and you want to rainbow barf on that, the RainbowBarf constructor can take that as an argument (By default RainbowBarf will output to process.stdout.write). Check it:

var RainbowBarf = require('rainbow-barf');

function anyFunctionThatTakesAStringAsAnArgument (message) {
  console.log('[so cool]:', message);

var log = new RainbowBarf(anyFunctionThatTakesAStringAsAnArgument);

log('now we\'re logging to console!!', ['c:bright_red', 'l']);

Let's be honest, I just did this so I could write tests for this. Peace!


WTFPL © Nathan Stilwell. Choose Freedom.




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