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PassportJS auth library integrated into RailwayJS. Why this package needed? To be honest, PassportJS is dead-simple in integrating. But it can be simplier. This package for authentication without extra coding, just configure it and use

Setup project

1. config/environment.js:

var rwps = require('railway-passport');
app.configure(function () {
    // some common stuff (methodOverride, cookie and body parser, session) 
    // init passport 
    // hook up user model 
    process.nextTick(function () {

Please not that order of middlewares is important! rwps.init(); should go right before app.router middleware.

2. config/passport.yml

  baseURL: 'http://localhost:3000/'
  google: yes
    clientID: "a8578b8dc47834908338"
    secret: "d8107d7cd75fc8ee1f12cf1f38b3aa065c3ec2ac"
    apiKey: "3s708f1uys4x"
    secret: "p3iBqlybJ5WNTINv"
  baseURL: ''
    clientID: "...."
    secret: "...."


All authentication routes starts with /auth/PROVIDERNAME Just visit /auth/google to sign in with google:

<% link_to('Sign in with google', '/auth/google') %>
<% link_to('Sign in with linkedin', '/auth/linkedin') %>
<% link_to('Sign in with github', '/auth/github') %>

Callback urls:

  • github: /auth/github/callback
  • linkedin: /auth/linkedin/callback

Example before filter (describe in your application controller):

before(function requireManager() {
    if (!session.passport.user) {
        req.session.redirect = req.path;
    } else {
        User.find(session.passport.user, function (err, user) {
            if (user && === '') {
                req.user = user;
            } else {
                flash('error', 'You have no permission to access this area');