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A Railwayjs Extension for the mongoose ODM.

Sets up mongoose, connects it to the mongodb database, and places mongoose in the global namespace.


npm install railway-mongoose


Railway-mongoose uses database configuration settings from config/mongoose.json in a manner similar to how jugglingdb uses config/database.json; howbeit with some differences in the JSON keys. for example:

    "development": { 
        "url": "mongodb://localhost:27017/myappdevdb" 
    , "production": { 
        "url": "mongodb://localhost:27017/myappproductiondb" 
    , "test": { 
        "url": "mongodb://localhost:27017/myapptestdb" 

Defining models

Models and their schemas should be defined in model files placed in app/models. For instance to define a Post model, the following code can be placed in the file app/models/Post.js

var postSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  title: String
  , author: String
  , body: String
  , date_created: {type:Date,}

var postModel = mongoose.model('Post', postSchema);
postModel.modelName =  'Post'; // this is for some features inside railway (helpers, etc)
module.exports = postModel