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Ractive.js Ampersand adaptor

Use Ampersand State classes (ampersand-state, ampersand-model, ampersand-collection, and ampersand-rest-collection) in your Ractive components.

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To use this adaptor, you will need to load the script, attach it to your applications Ractive function, and then create Ractive instances that reference it.

1. Inclusion

Via script tag: Include ractive-adaptors-ampersand.min.js on your page below Ractive, e.g:

<script src='lib/ractive.js'></script>
<script src='lib/ractive-adaptors-ampersand.min.js'></script>

Via AMD:

define(['ractive', 'ractive-adaptors-ampersand'],
  function(Ractive, RactiveAdaptorsAmpersand) {
    // See "2. Attaching" below 

Via CommonJS:

var Ractive = require('ractive');
var RactiveAdaptorsAmpersand = require('ractive-adaptors-ampersand');
// See "2. Attaching" below 

2. Attaching

However you include the script, attaching to Ractive will look similar:

window.Ractive.adaptors.Ampersand = window.RactiveAdaptorsAmpersand;

3. Activating

var myRactive = new Ractive({
  adapt: ['Ampersand']