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Rackspace Cloudfiles url signer

Module to sign urls to allow access to the private blobs in rackspace cloud files

To install

npm install rackspace-cloudfiles-url-signer

Use example

var sig= require('rackspace-cloudfiles-url-signer');

var account1 = sig.urlSigner('myusername', 'apikey');
var account2 = sig.urlSigner('myotherusername', 'apikey2', {region: sig.REGIONS.CHICAGO});

var url1 = account1.getUrl('GET', 'mycontainer', 'somefile.png', 10); //url expires in 10 minutes
var url2 = account2.getUrl('PUT', 'mycontaineronotheraccount', '/somedir/somefile.png', 1); //url expires in 1 minute

Usage Notes

  • Rackspace relies on using a TempURL key that is attached to the metadata of your account. If you don't already have a TempKey set up, the library will complain.
  • Rackspace has different endpoints for different regions, so make sure your region is correct. The default is virginia (IAD)
  • The source code is reasonably short and resonably commented, so read it if you have questions.


Inspired by and derived from amazon-s3-url-signer.


BSD, because that's what amazon-s3-url-signer is