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    Fast, compact and lightweight TypeScript 2.1 boilerplate that export a single file.

    This boilerplate uses TypeScript 2.1 by default, and Rollup + Buble to bundle a flat production bundle.

    Mocha + Chai are used as the testing stack. Unit tests can be run with or without JSDOM.

    Estimated bundle time: 0.3 ms. (Depends on your computer.)


    • Statically typed build system for working with Typescript 2.0 Pre
    • Consistent code style with TSLint.
    • Coverage report with Istanbul
    • Optional JSDOM
    • Rollup for bundling
    • Bublé as the ES2015 compiler
    • Mocha & Chai de facto standard
    • Environment variabels for production and development
    • Easy debugging

    Getting started

    The only development dependency of this project is Node.js. So just make sure you have it installed. Then type few commands known to every Node developer...

    git clone --depth 1
    cd rachelle
    # install the project's dependencies 
    npm i
    # bundle both a development and production bundle 
    npm build

    ... and boom! You have it all setup for you!


    • build - creates a development and production bundle
    • build:dev - creates a development bundle
    • build:prod - creates a production bundle
    • coverage - shows the coverage report
    • clean - remove the dist, coverage and build folders
    • clean:build - remove the build folder
    • test - run all unit tests in the node.js environment
    • test:jsdom - run all unit tests in the node.js environment with jsdom
    • lint - validates all source and test files
    • lint-src - validates all source files
    • lint-tests - validates all test files
    • release - build the library, push to NPM and Github
    • watch:tests - run all unit tests and watch files for changes
    • watch:build - watch your TypeScript files and trigger recompilation on changes
    • update:dependencies - update npm packages


    You can simply use this project as a drop-in replacement for any TypeScript projects if you need something fast, and lightweight. Just replace the ./src and ./test folder and it should work right out of the box.

    Use npm run build to bundle your source files. The TypeScript declarations for your bundle will be in the ./build/src folder.

    Coverage reports

    The coverage reports are generated with Istanbul, and delivered to and codecov by Travis CI.

    Istanbul generate a 100% correct coverage report. See the source and test files and do a comparison.


    Can this boilerplate be used together with React?

    Yes. Bublé supports JSX, and in fact React are now swapping out Browserify with Rollup. You can read more about it here - React - PR #7178.

    How to use this boilerplate with Karma?

    NPM install the Karma package and type karma init on the command line. The test files are pre-transpilled by TypeScript and located here build/test/specs/**/*.js. Install a Karma preprocessor, and the NPM packages you may need.

    Is JSX supported?

    Yes. Both TSX and JSX. By default Bublé are configured to be used with React. You may change this inside the rollup.config.js file.

    Why is everything so strict?

    What do you mean? The TypeScript compiler have it's rules to follow, as well as TSLint. Everytime you bundle, run a watch task or run the unit tests, things get validated. You can't compile the source code or run unit tests if there are errors in your code.

    When should I consider using this boilerplate?

    You may consider this is if you need a lightweight, fast boilerplate that export a single file.

    What's the browser compatibility?

    As a rule of thumb, TypeScript works best in IE9 and above.

    Do I need to customize this boilerplate?

    Nope. You only have to change the name on the boilerplate in the package.json.


    npm i rachelle

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