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Express/Connect middleware that delivers Racer realtime model synchronization engine with routes and validation support.

For instance, you could do


app.use("/racer", require("racer-middleware")({
  db: require("livedb-mongo")("localhost:27017/test?auto_reconnect", {safe: true}),
  routes: {
    "library": function(req, model, done) {
      model.set("_page.authenticated", req.isAuthenticated());
      model.subscribe("library", function() {
  validation: function(shareRequest, cb) {

Client (with RequireJS):

require(["/racer"], function(racer) {
  racer.load("/racer/library", function(model) {
    var authenticated = model.get("_page.authenticated"),
    books = model.get("library.books");
    /* etc */

See example/ for a more complete example.


  • You need redis-server >= 2.6 and node >= 0.10 running on your machine for racer to work.
  • Make sure the mongo url in the example is pointing to a running mongo server before running the example.