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    NodeJS / TypeScript Readium-2 "test app"

    Electron / NodeJS implementation (written in TypeScript) of a test app for the Readium2 architecture ( ).


    Build status

    NPM David Travis


    Downloadable executables

    Please note that this application is a test bed for Readium2 components, this is not aimed at end-users. This is not a full reading system, just a basic reader interface. Notably, this application lacks a local bookshelf, and a feed explorer for remote publications (OPDS).

    The pre-releases application installers/executables labelled "continuous test build" are generated automatically by TravisCI ( ).


    1. NodeJS >= 8, NPM >= 5 (check with command line node --version and npm --version)
    2. OPTIONAL: Yarn >= 1.0 (check with command line yarn --version)

    GitHub repository

    There is no site for this project (no gh-pages branch).

    NPM package

    Command line install:

    npm install r2-testapp-js OR yarn add r2-testapp-js

    ...or manually add in your package.json:

        "r2-testapp-js": "latest"

    The JavaScript code distributed in the NPM package is usable as-is (no transpilation required), as it is automatically-generated from the TypeScript source.

    Several ECMAScript flavours are provided out-of-the-box: ES5, ES6-2015, ES7-2016, ES8-2017:

    (alternatively, GitHub mirror with semantic-versioning release tags: )

    The JavaScript code is not bundled, and it uses require() statement for imports (NodeJS style).

    More information about NodeJS compatibility:

    Note that web-browser Javascript is currently not supported (only NodeJS runtimes).

    The type definitions (aka "typings") are included as *.d.ts files in ./node_modules/r2-testapp-js/dist/**, so this package can be used directly in a TypeScript project.


    A package-lock.json is provided (modern NPM replacement for npm-shrinkwrap.json).

    A yarn.lock file is currently not provided at the root of the source tree.

    Continuous Integration

    TravisCI builds are triggered automatically at every Git "push" in the develop branch.

    Version(s), Git revision(s)

    NPM package (latest published):

    Alternatively, GitHub mirror with semantic-versioning release tags:

    Developer quick start

    Command line steps (NPM, but similar with YARN):

    1. cd r2-testapp-js
    2. git status (please ensure there are no local changes, especially in package-lock.json and the dependency versions in package.json)
    3. rm -rf node_modules (to start from a clean slate)
    4. npm install, or alternatively npm ci (both commands initialize the node_modules tree of package dependencies, based on the strict package-lock.json definition)
    5. npm run build:all (invoke the main build script: clean, lint, compile)
    6. ls dist (that's the build output which gets published as NPM package)
    7. npm run electron (use the menu to open bundled EPUBs, or to choose arbitrary publications from the filesystem)
    8. npm run electron PATH_TO_PACKED_OR_EXPLODED_EPUB_FILE_OR_URI (gets added to the graphical menu, for re-use later)




    npm i r2-testapp-js

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