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I've developed fantastic libraries leveraging React18 features using Zustand, and they performed admirably. However, when attempting to import from specific folders for better tree-shaking, the libraries encountered issues. Each import resulted in a separate Zustand store being created, leading to increased package size.

As a solution, I set out to create a lightweight, bare minimum store that facilitates shared state even when importing components from separate files, optimizing tree-shaking.

Important Announcement

The default export from r18gs is deprecated. Please switch to using import { useRGS } from "r18gs" instead. The default export will be removed in the next major release.


✅ Full TypeScript Support

✅ Unleash the full power of React18 Server components

✅ Compatible with all build systems/tools/frameworks for React18

✅ Documented with Typedoc (Docs)

✅ Examples for Next.js, Vite, and Remix

Simple Global State Shared Across Multiple Components

Utilize this hook similarly to the useState hook. However, ensure to pass a unique key, unique across the app, to identify and make this state accessible to all client components.

const [state, setState] = useRGS<number>("counter", 1);


const [state, setState] = useRGS<number>("counter", () => 1);

For detailed instructions, see Getting Started

Using Plugins

Enhance the functionality of the store by leveraging either the create function, withPlugins function, or the useRGSWithPlugins hook from r18gs/dist/with-plugins, enabling features such as storing to local storage, among others.

// store.ts
import { create } from "r18gs/dist/with-plugins";
import { persist } from "r18gs/dist/plugins"; /** You can create your own plugin or import third-party plugins */

export const useMyPersistentCounterStore = create<number>("persistent-counter", 0, [persist()]);

Now, you can utilize useMyPersistentCounterStore similarly to useState without specifying an initial value.

const [persistedCount, setPersistedCount] = useMyPersistentCounterStore();

For detailed instructions, see Leveraging Plugins


See contributing.md

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This library is licensed under the MPL-2.0 open-source license.

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