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chat component for react. 中文文档





  • Install
npm install chat-react
  • Import
import Chat from 'chat-react';
  • usage
export default class MyChat extends Component {
  state = {
    inputValue: '',
    messages: [],
    timestamp: new Date().getTime()
  setInputfoucs = () => {
    this.chat.refs.input.inputFocus();  //set input foucus
  setScrollTop = () => {
    this.chat.refs.message.setScrollTop(1200);  //set scrollTop position
  sendMessage = (v) => {
    const {value} = v;
    if (!value) return;
    const {messages = []} = this.state;
    this.setState({messages, timestamp: new Date().getTime(), inputValue: ''});
  render() {
    const {inputValue, messages, timestamp} = this.state;
    const userInfo = {
      avatar: "http://img.binlive.cn/6.png",
      userId: "59e454ea53107d66ceb0a598",
      name: 'ricky'
    return (
        ref={el => this.chat = el}
        placeholder="write some thing..."
        messageListStyle={{width: '100%', height: window.outerHeight}}


prop & func type description
userInfo object info of current user
value string the message of input content
placeholder string placeholder for input box
emoji any define content of the emoji
customEmoticon array customized emoticon
textareaChange (value) => {} callback function when the content of input box changes. the first function parameter is current input value
selectEmoje (emojeInfo) => {} callback function after select a emoje. the first function parameter is selected emoje info
inputFocus func method of input child component, set input focus. this.chat.refs.input.inputFocus()
dataSource array data content of message list
messageListStyle object message list container style,you need to set a fixed size height for it.
timestamp number timestamp to be set when dataSource changes
timeBetween number how many time between show time prompts (unit: min, default: 5)
timeagoMax number time range of the show timeago (unit: hour, default: 24)
timeFormat string custom format time (yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm)
loading bool is the dataSource loading
loader node custom loader
noData bool whether has no more data
scrollOptions object this param used iscroll.js's scrollbars parameter, iscroll.js Doc.
noDataEle node custom dom node displayed when there is no more data
scrolltoUpper func callback function when the scroll bar of message list to the top
onScroll func callback function when the scroll bar change
avatarClick func callback function user to click the avatar
unreadCountChange func callback function when the unread message has change
setScrollTop func method of message child component, set scroll bar position. this.chat.refs.message.setScrollTop(1200)
the param description of component
  • userInfo you must to be define userId and avatar for this param, and you can also add some attributes if you need.
userInfo = {
 avatar: 'http://example/avatar.jpg', //user avatar, required parameters
 userId: '5bf7cf25a069a537ffe7c324', //user id, required parameters
 name: 'rigcky',
 other: 'otherInfo'
  • emoji if emoji param is false, not show emoji. if you want to add more emoji, you can set this param is array content.
// add more emoji
emoji = [
  {text: 'panda', content: '🐼'},
  {text: 'tiger', content: '🐯'},
  {text: 'pig', content: '🐷'}
  • customEmoticon customized emoticon, it is array type of this param.
customEmoticon = [
 {text: 'smile', url: 'http://example/emoticon.png'},
 {text: 'angry', url: 'http://example/emoticon2.png'},
 {text: 'weep', url: '...'}
  • dataSource data source of message list, the data format is as follows:
const customEmoticon = [{
    timestamp: 1545925494422,
    userInfo: {
        avatar: "http://example/2.png",
        name: "游客1544365758856",
        userId: "1544365758856"
    value: "hello~"
},  {
    timestamp: 1545925534218,
    userInfo: {
        avatar: "http://example/2.png",
        name: "游客1544365758856",
        userId: "1544365758856"
    value: "😀",
    error: true //set error is true, this message will be show error icon
  • messageListStyle message list container style, you need to set a fixed size height for it, make sure it's not pushed up, for example {width: '100%', height: 500}
  • timestamp this parameter needs to be set to the current timestamp when the data of dataSource param has changes.
  • timeFormat formatting times, such as display 2019-2-1 20:20 set to yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm.


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