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    quick version number comparator

    Compares semantic version numbers. Semantic version numbers are a dotted numeric tuple in the form major . minor . patch. QVersion allows any number of dotted fields, but npm and node use exactly 3.

        QVersion = require('qversion');
        QVersion.version_compare("1.1.2", "1.1.10");    // => -1
        ver = new QVersion();
        ver.match("1.1.3", "1.1.*");                    // => true
        ver.match("1.1.3", "1.1.2,1.1.3");              // => true


        npm install qversion
        qunit test-qversion.js

    If you already have semver installed, you can run the benchmark:

        $ node node_modules/qversion/benchmark.js
        qversion match: 23 ms
        semversion satisfies: 368 ms
        qversion match: 16 ms
        semversion satisfies: 330 ms


    QVersion.version_compare( ver1, ver2 )

    compare the two version numbers, return less than zero if ver1 is less than ver2, 0 if they are the same, greater than zero if ver1 is greater than ver2. A match has to be exact, 1 is not 1.0 is not 1.0.0.

    QVersion.version_match( version, pattern )

    test the version against the pattern, and return true if the version matches. The pattern may be specified as a match template or a comma-separated list of templates. Each template may be a:

        1.1,1.2         comma-list of templates
        1.1.1-1.1.7     range match
        1.1.*           prefix match
        1.1.x           prefix match (same as 1.1.*)
        1.1             prefix match (same as 1.1.*)
        >1.1            relative match (also >=, <, <=)
        *               any version (wildcard match)

    The semantics of approximate match ~1.1 are not yet well defined; currently it is implemented as a prefix match.

    qv = new QVersion( [options] )

    QVersion object caches results to speed repeated lookups


    • version_compare - function that compares two versions and returns -1, 0 or 1 as above
    • version_match - function that matches a version against a pattern as above

    qv.compare( ver1, ver2 )

    cached version_compare

    qv.match( ver, patt )

    cached version_match


    • QVersion does not implement full SemVer semantics
    • patch suffixes (eg 1.2.1-patch3) are not supported


    • unit test version_match
    • unit test QVersion
    • write a version_select() that returns best match of desired vs available
    • support non-numeric version numbers?

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