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Qunit Notifier

Qunit notifier is a notification system for unit tests written with QUnit Library.

Getting Started


To run Qunit Notifier correctly, you must have installed:

  • nodeJS
  • phantomJS
  • npm - Comes with node now
  • Growl, Snarl or Libnotify to display Qunit Notifier notifications. But it's not obligatory, Qunit Notifier displays messages on terminal too ;)

Install it globally

  • With npm
$ npm install -g qunit_notifier


You can pass a configuration file for Qunit Notifier. See more details on documentation.

var path = require('path');
var qunit_notifier = {
   testPath: path.join(__dirname, 'cases'),
    runner: path.join(__dirname, 'index.html'),
    notifier: 'snarl',
    theme: 'doom'
module.exports = qunit_notifier;

A example can be found in "example" folder.


You can configure your test runner with some options:

  • testPath: Qunit test cases path
  • runner: Qunit html runner
  • notifier: System notification ("growl","snarl" or "libnotify")
  • theme: Yes, we have some themes! :D ("default","batman","doom","ironman","streetfighter")
  • silent: Display messages only on terminal (true, false)

... More details on documentation =)

Custom Themes

In few days... =)

Run it!

You run Qunit Notifier directly by "qunit_notifier" command! :D

$ qunit_notifier config_file.js


Default theme

rest screenshot web service

Doom theme

rest screenshot web service

Batman theme

rest screenshot web service