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Ever want to run a single qunit test from your test suite with your preferred test runner? Yeah, so did I.

This plugin/wrapper/npm module/hack was created to allow you to run a single qunit test or module with either karma or testem test runners.


npm install qunit-special-blend


After the package is installed configure your files array in karma.conf.js or src_files in testem.josn as follows:

  files: [
    /* The special blend */
    /* App and test files here */
    /* Run the special blend */

You will now be able to use three new functions in your tests.js files

  • singleTest
  • singleModule
  • singleAsyncTest in addition to the regular qunit test and module methods.

If you don't have any of the new methods in your test files all tests will run as usual. If you have used the new methods only those tests will run.

Vim plugin to make this more convenient

I don't want to change test to singleTest and back all the time in my tests file, because this is supposed to make things faster and easier after all. I also happen to use Vim so I have written the vim-qunit-special-blend plugin that leverages the functionality provided by this npm module to run single tests but allows you to do it without altering your test code.