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Build Status NPM version # JUnit Reporter for QUnit

A QUnit plugin that produces JUnit-style XML test reports (e.g. for integration into build tools like Jenkins).



Include the plugin script ("qunit-reporter-junit.js") after the QUnit core script itself, then register callback(s) using jUnitDone to do something with the XML string (e.g. upload it to a server):

QUnit.jUnitDone(function(report) {
  if (typeof console !== 'undefined') {

With this new API (as of v1.1.0), you can even register a callback after the tests have finished and still successfully receive the data (so long as the "qunit-reporter-junit.js" script was included before the test run began).


The old API approach of implementing the jUnitReport hook is also still supported:

QUnit.jUnitReport = function(report) {
  if (typeof console !== 'undefined') {

With this old API, you MUST implement the callback before the tests have finished or else you will never receive the data.


If you're using Grunt, you should take a look grunt-contrib-qunit.