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PhantomJS Runner QUnit Plugin Build Status

A PhantomJS-powered headless test runner, providing basic console output for QUnit tests.

The runner requires PhantomJS. If you don't want to deal with installing PhantomJS or using Grunt to run your tests, try node-qunit-phantomjs.


$ npm install qunit-phantomjs-runner


$ phantomjs path/to/runner.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite]

With options:

$ phantomjs [phantom arguments] path/to/runner.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite] [timeout-in-seconds] [page-properties]

Show test cases:

$ phantomjs path/to/runner-list.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite]

Example setting the viewport size:

$ phantomjs path/to/runner-list.js [url-of-your-qunit-testsuite] 5 '{"viewportSize":{"width":1000,"height":1000}}'


In v2.0, a default timeout of 5 seconds was added. The timeout was optional before. This could cause tests to break, which is the reason for the major version bump.


  • Requires PhantomJS 1.6+ (1.7+ recommended).
  • QUnit plugins are also available for gulp and Grunt.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2014, Jonathan Kemp