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Template Content Respository

This is a sample template repo which can be used to create other content repo.

Folder/File structure

  • .github : This folder contains github workflow configuration. (No need to update)
  • content : This folder is to manage all your markdown/API file and related filed (media)
    • guides : This folder will keep your guides.
    • references : This folder will keep all your api references.
    • shared: This folder is to keep all shared content inside it.
  • package.json : File need to update with following keys:
    • name
    • author
    • repository -> url
    • bug -> url
    • homepage
  • media : This folder will keep all your media files e.g images etc.
  • content-config.yml : To store all the content related metadata and toc file references.
  • site-config.yml : To store all the site level metadata to be used across versions and localized contents.
  • Project configuration need to update in package.json. You can also update this readme file once your project setup completes.

How to build it locally

  1. Clone this repo

  2. Install all dependencies

    • Its preferred to have yarn in your machine.

      • Verify yarn

      • Install yarn

  3. Validate files

  • This is validation of

    • Broken link checks (missing images, missing external links)
    • remark lint
    • config.yaml validation
    > yarn validate
  1. Setup
  • To initialize and setup.

    > yarn setup
  1. Preview

    • To see preview in local
    > yarn start

Utilize Automated Remote Builds and Preview Apps

When you send a pull request to any of the protected branches(ex: /master), a remote build check gets triggered automaticaly. If the build for the content in your branch is successful, you will be notified of a preview enviornment on the GitHub PR page.




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