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Quill.js Module which allows you to quickly view/edit the HTML in the editor



yarn add quill-html-edit-button

Quickstart (Javascript)

import Quill from 'quill/core';
import Toolbar from 'quill/modules/toolbar';
import Snow from 'quill/themes/snow';

import htmlEditButton from "quill-html-edit-button";

  'modules/toolbar': Toolbar,
  'themes/snow': Snow,
  "modules/htmlEditButton": htmlEditButton

const quill = new Quill(editor, {
  // ...
  modules: {
    // ...
    htmlEditButton: {}

Quickstart (typescript)

Due to Quill's implementation, typescript integration is not trivial:

  • Follow the demo example here demos/typescript/src/index.ts
  • The file setup.js is to use the library without types (as they aren't implemented with quill modules).
  • Your tsconfig.json needs the following properties, to prevent errors:
  "compilerOptions": {
    "allowJs": true,
    "checkJs": false

Quickstart (script tag)

<script src="https://unpkg.com/quill@1.3.7/dist/quill.js"></script>
<script src="https://unpkg.com/quill-html-edit-button@2.2.7/dist/quill.htmlEditButton.min.js"></script>
  Quill.register("modules/htmlEditButton", htmlEditButton);
  const quill = new Quill(editor, {
    // ...
    modules: {
      // ...
      htmlEditButton: {}


modules: {
  // ...
  htmlEditButton: {
    debug: true, // logging, default:false
    msg: "Edit the content in HTML format", //Custom message to display in the editor, default: Edit HTML here, when you click "OK" the quill editor's contents will be replaced
    okText: "Ok", // Text to display in the OK button, default: Ok,
    cancelText: "Cancel", // Text to display in the cancel button, default: Cancel
    buttonHTML: "&lt;&gt;", // Text to display in the toolbar button, default: <>
    buttonTitle: "Show HTML source", // Text to display as the tooltip for the toolbar button, default: Show HTML source
    syntax: false, // Show the HTML with syntax highlighting. Requires highlightjs on window.hljs (similar to Quill itself), default: false
    prependSelector: 'div#myelement', // a string used to select where you want to insert the overlayContainer, default: null (appends to body),
    editorModules: {} // The default mod

Syntax Highlighting

By default syntax highlighting is off, if you want to enable it use syntax: true in the options (as shown above) and make sure you add the following script tags:

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/highlight.js/10.1.2/highlight.min.js"></script>

Alternatively, include these scripts in your package bundler, as long as highlightjs is available in the global space at window.hljs.

Customising The HTML Editor

The editor itself is actually a Quill Editor instance too! So you can pass in custom modules like this:

  // options
  htmlEditButton: {
    // Flags
    debug?: boolean;              // default:  false 
    syntax?: boolean;             // default:  false  
    // Overlay
    closeOnClickOverlay: boolean; // default:  true                       
    prependSelector: string;      // default:  null                       
    // Labels
    buttonHTML?: string;          // default:  "&lt;&gt;"
    buttonTitle?: string;         // default:  "Show HTML source"
    msg: string;                  // default:  'Edit HTML here, when you click "OK" the quill editor\'s contents will be replaced'     
    okText: string;               // default:  "Ok"
    cancelText: string;           // default:  "Cancel"            
    // Quill Modules (for the HTML editor)
    editorModules?: {             // default:  null
      // Any modules here will be declared in HTML quill editor instance
      keyboard: {
        bindings: {
          custom: {
            key: 'a',
            handler: function(range, context) {
              console.log('A KEY PRESSED!');


This project is based on quill-image-uploader, thanks mate!

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