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Flawless configuration of your cloud infrastructure: quill is a configuration tool with a focus on automation and infrastructure opacity.



quill is a robust and fully-featured configuration toolset with a simple convention for executing commands:

  $ quill <resource> <command>

for example:

  $ quill systems list

will list all system Resources in your current registry. The tool itself is designed to be self documenting via the quill help command. For example to learn what the systems list command does:

  $ quill help systems list
  info:   Welcome to quill
  info:   It worked if it ends with quill ok
  info:   Executing command help systems list
  help:   Lists all systems in the registry.
  help:   quill list
  help:   quill systems list
  quill ok


  $ npm install quill-cli -g

Running locally

For testing purposes it is possible to run quill locally if you have conservatory running locally with sample data:

  • Start conservatory locally with sample data
  $ cd /path/to/composer
  $ bin/seed
  $ bin/composer
  • Login to baton with the sample user: devjitsu / 1234
  $ cd /path/to/quill
  $ quill config set remoteHost localhost
  $ quill config set port 9003
  $ quill login
  info:    Welcome to quill
  info:    It worked if it ends with quill ok
  info:    Executing command login
  prompt: username: devjitsu 
  prompt: password: 1234 
  info:    Authenticated as devjitsu
  info:    quill ok


All tests are written with vows and intended to be run with npm:

  $ npm test

Author: Nodejitsu Inc

Contributors: Charlie Robbins, Maciej Malecki, Bradley Meck