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Query, Update, Insert, Delete - Data structures

Query Update Insert Delete - Data structures (quid)

Bag datastructure with QUID operations. Core capability is to provide all the relational algebra on bags.

To create a new quid datastructure (referred as bag or quid)

var quid = require('quid');
var bag1 = new quid();

All the following basic operations would work on this datastructure.

  • clone() - returns a new copy of the quid
  • update??
  • insert(element) - adds element to the quid
  • delete??

Following are the core operations

  • union(quid) - returns a new quid with union of this and quid (arg)
  • intersection(quid) - returns a new quid with intersecting elements of this and quid (arg)
  • difference(quid) - returns elements only in this and not in quid (arg)
  • projection(keys) - returns a new quid with fields passed in keys (array of fields)
  • selection(cond) - returns a new quid with filtered results based on condition
  • distinct ??
  • sorting ??
  • grouping ??
  • aggregation ??
  • js_cols - Apache License
  • for rest of the stuff, please refer to LICENSE file