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quick-tmp Flattr this!experimental

Quickly and synchronously retrieve a temporary directory name for you to use.

Using the name generation from the tmp module, but allowing you to handle writing and removing of directories/files.



getDirectory = quickTmp([prefix])

Configures the temporary directory's prefix, which defaults to 'quicktmp'.

directory = getDirectory([retries])

Return a random temporary directory name. You'll have to create the directory yourself. retries determines how many times to try finding a folder not that doesn't already exist, and defaults to 10.

// straight away: 
var directory = require('quick-tmp')('prefix')()
// or later: 
var getDirectory = require('quick-tmp')('prefix')
// => '/var/folders/43/z7pv8pvd4x57nt_1zz2561tw0000gn/T/prefix-43831t6vveao' 


MIT. See for details.