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Create and remove temporary directories. Useful for build tools, like Broccoli plugins. Smart about naming, and placing them in ./tmp if possible, so you don't have to worry about this.


npm install --save quick-temp


var quickTemp = require('quick-temp');

Creating a temporary directory

To make a temporary and assign its path to this.tmpDestDir, call either one of these:

quickTemp.makeOrRemake(this, 'tmpDestDir');
// or 
quickTemp.makeOrReuse(this, 'tmpDestDir');

If this.tmpDestDir already contains a path, makeOrRemake will remove it first and then create a new directory, whereas makeOrReuse will be a no-op.

Both functions also return the path of the temporary directory.

An optional third argument lets you override the class-name component of the temporary directory name:

quickTemp.makeOrRemake(this, 'tmpDestDir', 'TreeMerger');
quickTemp.makeOrRemake(this, 'tmpDestDir',; // default 

Removing a temporary directory

To remove a previously-created temporary directory and all its contents, call

quickTemp.remove(this, 'tmpDestDir');

This will also assign this.tmpDestDir = null. If this.tmpDestDir is already null or undefined, it will be a no-op.