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A simple micro-service framework for node.js


a mini framework for micro-service in node.js

$ npm install quark
  • Simple definition of actions for patterns.
  • Fast and minimalist.
  • Transports will resolve message sending to other services.
$ npm install quark

Example of a ping-pong app:

var quark = require('quark')();
  action: 'ping'
}, function(args, done) {
  done(null, { yeld: 'pong' });
quark.listen(function(err, addr) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log('quark %s is running on %s:%s', 'ping.pong', addr.address, addr.port);

Sending messages:

$ curl -d "http://localhost:3000/exec" '{"action" : "ping"}'
# output => { "yeld": "pong" }

To view the examples, clone the quark repository and install the dependencies.

$ git clone
$ cd quark
$ npm install

To run an example us the following command:

$ node examples/ping.pong.js

To run tests, simply run the following command:

$ npm test
  • When you want to separate your monolithic application into small services.
  • When you don't care who provides the functionality only the output of an action.
  • When you don't know where the actual implementation lives (network, local).

We can communicate with each other through different channels, be it a simple conversation or in a chat room on the internet, the core message will get to the other person.