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Series of tools to focus on your App's code quality.


npm install -g qualifys
cd myproject/
qf init

You'll need to have Node >= 7 on your computer.


  • Only focus on Code quality: we want to create this tool to make more react projects testable, lintable.
  • Pick it up, and use it: we make QA process easier, you only need to install the tool and then run commands to start your QA process.


Project Initializer

qualifys init

cd ~/project/myproject
qf init

This will add .editorconfig, .eslintrc, .gitignore, .npmignore to your project folder. And add src/, dist/, test/ directory to your project if they don't exist.

Test Intergated Development

qualifys run test

Before you use test tools, ensure to install React under your project.

# react 15.x.x required 
npm install react
npm install react-dom
  • qf run test to start test with Karma, Mocha, Expect.js and enzyme.
    • Test code support ES6.
    • Test code support svg loader, json loader.

We recmommend you to organize the test files under test/ directory.

By default, you have to specify a index.test.js in the test/ directory to declare which test files are going to be run.

 * only require other test-files here
 * include all of the files with form of *.test.js
 const testFiles = require.context('.', false, /\.test\.js$/);

qualifys run coverage

  • qf run cov to start generate a report of test coverage.


  • qf update to upgrade qualifys to the latest version.


  • qualifys --help to show the commands help.