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MongoDB query compatible object match


npm install qry
component install manuelstofer/qry


var qry = require('qry');
var match = qry({
    name: {$exists: true},
    qty: {$gt: 3},
    $and: [
        {price: {$lt: 100}},
        {price: {$gt: 50}}
match({name: 'example', qty: 10, price: 65.10});    // -> true
match({name: 'bla', qty: 10, price: 30.10});        // -> false

Please check out the query selector section in the mongo db reference.

Supported operators

  • All comparison operators
  • All logical operators
  • All element operators except $type
  • All JavaScript operators
  • All array operators

The following operators are currently not supported:

  • All geospatial operators
  • $type operator

The $where operator is supported but disabled by default (security).

var match = qry(query, {$where: true});