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A set of Vue.js components, allowing you to detect and decode QR codes, without leaving the browser.

  • 🎥 QrcodeStream accesses the device camera and continuously scans incoming frames.
  • 🚮 QrcodeDropZone renders to an empty region where you can drag-and-drop images to be decoded.
  • 📂 QrcodeCapture is a classic file upload field, instantly scanning all files you select.

All components are responsive. Beyond that, close to zero styling. Make them fit your layout. Usage is simple and straight forward:

<qrcode-stream @decode="onDecode"></qrcode-stream>
methods: {
  onDecode (decodedString) {
    // ...

Support this project

Please donate algorand to support this project:


Sample production use

qrcode reader vue3 is used for example in this production environment: Algorand Wallet - https://github.com/scholtz/wallet/blob/master/src/pages/Pay.vue


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

Installation 📦

With NPM


npm install --save qrcode-reader-vue3

If you are looking for QR Code generator, see qrcode-vue3 project

npm install --save qrcode-vue3

You can import the components independantly

import { QrcodeStream, QrcodeDropZone, QrcodeCapture } from 'qrcode-reader-vue3'

const MyComponent = {

  components: {

  // ...

or register all of them globally right away

import Vue from "vue";
import QrcodeReaderVue3 from "qrcode-reader-vue3";


Without NPM

Include the following JS file:


Make sure to include it after Vue:

<script src="./vue.js"></script>
<script src="./QrcodeReaderVue3.umd.min.js"></script>

All components are automatically registered globally. Use kebab-case to reference them in your templates:



I don't see the camera when using QrcodeStream.

  • Check if it works on the demo page. Especially the Decode All demo, since it renders error messages. If you see errors, consult the docs to understand their meaning.
    • The demo works but it doesn't work in my project: Listen for the init event to investigate errors.
    • The demo doesn't work: Carefully review the Browser Support section above. Maybe your device is just not supported.

I'm running a dev server on localhost. How to test on my mobile device without HTTPS?

  • If your setup is Desktop Chrome + Android Chrome, use Remote Debugging which allows your Android device to access your local server as localhost.
  • Otherwise use a reverse proxy like ngrok or serveo to temporarily make your local server publicly available with HTTPS.
  • There are also loads of serverless/static hosting services that have HTTPS enabled by default and where you can deploy your web app for free (e.g. GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, Google Firebase, Netlify, Heroku, ZEIT Now, ...)

Some of my QR codes are not being detected.

  • Make sure, there is some white border around the QR code.
  • Color inverted QR codes are not supported (dark background, light foreground).
  • Model 1 QR codes are also not supported.

Thanks 🙏

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