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    Quality Payment Program Measures Data Repository

    This is the source of truth for QPP measures data. The previous measures data API is no longer available (qpp.cms.gov/api). The transition to using qpp-measures-data as a source of truth for CMS is ongoing and this data may be subject to modifications. Stability in the API contract for qpp-measures-data is prioritized but not guaranteed.

    How to Use qpp-measures-data

    Measures and benchmark data can be accessed by installing the qpp-measures-data NPM repository.

    The measures data JSON schema is described in measures/$YEAR/measures-schema.yaml; $YEAR refers to the performance year. The measures data here combines existing data from the QPP API, with supplementary data found in util. To access measures data without installing the NPM repository, run git clone git@github.com:CMSgov/qpp-measures-data.git and navigate to measures/$YEAR/measures-data.json.

    The benchmarks data JSON schema is described in benchmarks/benchmarks-schema.yaml.

    To access the benchmarks data without installing the NPM repository, run git clone git@github.com:CMSgov/qpp-measures-data.git and navigate to benchmarks/. Benchmarks data is organized by performance year. For example, benchmarks/2017.json contains the benchmarks for performance year 2017 (benchmark year 2015).

    Importing the qpp-measures-data module

    Functions take a string version argument and return the appropriate YAML schema or JSON data.

    The module can be used with the following pattern:

    const qppMeasuresData = require('qpp-measures-data');
    const measuresData = qppMeasuresData.getMeasuresData($YEAR);
    const measuresSchema = qppMeasuresData.getMeasuresSchema($YEAR);
    const benchmarksData = qppMeasuresData.getBenchmarksData();
    const benchmarkData$YEAR = benchmarksData[$YEAR];
    const benchmarksSchema = qppMeasuresData.getBenchmarksSchema();


    Before creating pull requests, please make sure to review CONTRIBUTING.md.




    npm i qpp-measures-data

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