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cycles a ledger and then bubbles up a payment on threshold


cycles through ledger payments with limited liquidty


setup basic ledger

uses cycle workflow


bubble is an extension of cycle where an inter ledger transaction is made after the threshold is reached

in a typcial scenario you have two actors, say, workbot and webid

workbot pays the webid periodically based on work performed

a post insert hook will check that the webid balance is not above a certain threshold, if it is, a transaction is made from webid to workbot for amount transaction

after the threshold is reached an inter ledger payment for the same amount is made


export SMALL="https://localhost/wallet/small/wallet#this"
export MEDIUM="https://localhost/wallet/medium/wallet#this"
credit insert $WORKBOT $AMOUNT '' $WEBID work -d small -w $SMALL
BALANCE=$(credit balance $WEBID -d small -w $SMALL)
if [[ $BALANCE -gt $THRESHOLD ]]
  credit insert $WEBID $THRESHOLD '' $WORKBOT bubble -d small -w $SMALL
  credit insert $WORKBOT $THRESHOLD '' $WEBID cycle -d medium -w $MEDIUM

The rebalancing doesnt need to run on an insert, it can run periodically or on demand


You may wish to log your bash commands, with 5 bits awarded for each command. Every 25 points accumulated, you send the bits back to the points issuer so that you can keep a record of your work

However you may also want a larger summary table that is not filled with lots of entries. This larger table will give you less spammy summary data. In this way we create a web of ledgers where liquidity naturally flows between high trusted actors.