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Easy and lightweight client for QIWI payment system.


This library is THE FIRST open source client for QIWI.

Currently this library is in development, so not all may work as expected.


$ npm install qiwi


QIWI = require('qiwi')
client = new QIWI.Client()
client.createSession((error, session) ->
    unless error?
        client.accountInfo((error) ->
            unless error?
                console.log('Your account details:')
                console.log('Something went wrong:')
        console.log('Unable to open session')


Class Client

This class represents client for QIWI.


  • String Default

Default server name or IP address for connections to.


  • Number Default 443

Default server port for connections to.


  • String Default utf-8

Charset which will be used by client while sending requests.


Description will be added.

.setHeader(name, value)

  • name String
  • value String

Sets HTTP header with pointed name and value for subsequent requests.


  • name String

Removes header with pointed name.

.createSession(publicKey, callback)

  • publicKey Buffer | String
  • callback Function | null

Establishes new encrypted sesssion.

You need to specify publicKey which currently is the same for all clients and can be loaded from ./ This function generates symmetric key for AES-256, encrypts it using publicKey and sends to the server. Session object will be passed to callback. In order to make other calls you should install session into client using setSession.

The schema described above is similar to SSL in general states.


  • session Object

Sets session object for subsequent requests.


Removes stored session from client.

.setExtra(name, value)

  • name String
  • value Number | String | Boolean | null

Sets extra field with name and value to be sent to the server on each request.


  • name String

Removes field identified by name.

.setAuth(token, terminalId)

  • token String
  • terminalId String | undefined

Sets token and terminalId for subsequent requests.


Removes previously stored token and terminal ID.