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Qeeper is a SQL query keeper for Node.js.
The main task of Qeeper is to cut SQL out of JavaScript.
You can manage SQL and JavaScript separately by using Qeeper.


npm install qeeper

Load and configuration

var qeeper = require('qeeper').configure({defDir: __dirname + '/qeeper', defExt: '.def', cache: true});

Qeeper has the following configuration options:

  • defDir
    The directory path which has SQL definition files.
    The default value is process.env.PWD + '/qeeper'.
  • defExt
    The extension of the SQL definition files.
    The default value is 'def'.
  • cache
    The flag which indicates whether or not to cache the SQLs which are parsed and executed in the memory.
    The default value is false.

SQL definition files

You need to make SQL definition files like the following:

      users u
WHERE = $1


You can execute SQL in the SQL definition files by calling Qeeper#sql and passing the SQL definition file's name (without the extension).

client.query(qeeper.sql('select_users'), [currentUserId], function(err, users){