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A wrapper for felix-couchdb which uses promises instead of callbacks, and adds a number of helper behaviours.

The basic premise of QCouch is felix-couchdb + Q, and the most basic use case is:

db = new qcouch({ databasename:"mydb" });
  // your stuff here

This makes it easier to work with parrallel and sequential couchdb requests without needing crazy callbacks.

But since I was writing a wrapper, I decided to add some other functionality I find useful.

If database doesn't exist, qcouch will automatically attempt to create it.

If the specified designs don't exist, qcouch will automatically add them; if they do exist but are different, qcouch will update them.

runView, which generally an alias to view, also has some added functionality.

Add resolveto:"keys" to the query. When you do that it will return a simple array of keys instead of the standard couchdb result.

You can also add resolveto:"objects" to the query to get a simple array of objects.

If you add resolveto and limit, you get some pagination help. The returned array will be limit - 1 long (i.e. you should set limit to pagesize + 1), and will have hidden pagination properties: startkey, startkey_docid, next_startkey, and next_startkey_docid. The next values are only set if there are more pages.

db.runView("somedesign","someview",{ resolveto:"objects", limit:6 });
// returns an array of 5 objects, with next_startkey and next_startkey_docid

If you want to use these behaviours for the allDocs function:

db.runView("allDocs",{ resolveto:"objects", limit:6 });

Pre-save and Post-get functions

db = new qcouch({
  databasename : "mydb",
  fromDB : function(doc){ return replacement_doc; },
  toDB : function(doc){ return replacement_doc; }

These are helpful when you want a central function that modifies documents before they are saved (e.g. to convert your own weird classes into objects), or after they are retrieved but before your application starts using them (e.g. to add functions or dynamically generated values).

fromDB and toDB are applied in getDoc, runView where resolveto is "objects" (including "allDocs"), saveDoc, and bulkDocs.