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    The utility module of the QC ecosystem. This module is intended to be isomorphic. That is, it is designed to run on node or in a modern browser.

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    npm install qc-util

    To avoid potential issues, update npm before installing:

    npm install npm -g

    Node Usage

    import { Arr, Bool, Dte, Mth, Num, Obj, Str, typeOf } from 'qc-util';
    Arr.wrap('item'); // ['item'].
    Bool.toBool('no'); // `Boolean('no')` returns `true` instead of `false`.
    Dte.toDate('7/12/2016', { formats: 'm/d/Y' }); // => new Date(2016, 6, 12).
    Num.toInt('1e4'); // `parseInt('1e4')` returns `1` instead of `10000`.
    Num.toInt('Infinity'); // `parseInt('Infinity')` returns `NaN` instead of `null`.
    Str.toStr(null); // `'' + null` returns `'null'` instead of `null`.
    Mth.round(1234.5678, -2); // `1234.57`
    var obj = {};
    Obj.put(obj, 'name.first', 'foo');
    // obj now is: `{ name: { first: 'foo' } }`
    Obj.put(obj, 'name.last', 'bar');
    // obj now is: `{ name: { first: 'foo', last: 'bar' } }`

    null is Legitimate

    In the QC ecosystem, null is considered a legitimate value. This aligns with how null is treated in JSON which is important because JavaScript objects/arrays are serialized to and from JSON.

    As demonstrated in the below example, null is legitimate in JSON. However, undefined is not. A property assigned the undefined value is treated the same as if the property wasn't defined at all.

    JSON.stringify({ foo: undefined }); // `'{}'`
    JSON.stringify({ foo: null }); // `'{"foo":null}'`

    Browser Usage

    ES2015 (aka ES6) features are used where supported by Node. Since many browsers still don't support the same ES6 features that Node supports, the JavaScript source will need to be transpiled before using. The source is tested with Babel. After transpiling, it is recommended that the transpiled source be bundled into a single file. To test that the transpiled source runs correctly when bundled, Webpack is used.


    npm i qc-util

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