lift functions of arity > 1 into a Promises/A+ chain


lift functions of any arity into a Promises/A+ chain

var qall = require('qall')
function assertEq(xy) {
    if(!== y) {
      throw new Error()
  .then(function () {
  }, function () {
    console.log('invalid user or pass')

qall : (fn: Function, ...args: Promise|Any) => Promise resolved with the return value of fn

$ npm install qall

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test

about the name

Although similar in name to Q.all, the behavior is actually more similar to Q.spread but with a more functionally-inspired API. It should be pronounced like "call".

Lamentably, Promises/A+ doesn't conform to Fantasy Land monads, so this implementation is necessary, rather than a generic liftN.

MIT. (c) MMXIII jden See