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Q9 is a MVC package-oriented framework used in all our projects. Here is the "core" minimal package used as a basis for all our projects.

Why a new NodeJS framework ?

Because NodeJS is good and we love JavaScript... Because we need some custom functionalities and we are adepts of DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). Because we can develop it and maintain it and use it for our clients' projects.


Q9 is based on an "everything is a module" philosophy. We wanted this framework simple, tiny and modular so we can install only required modules for our clients' needs. We do not like overly bloated things, Q9 is NOT bloated, it's simple, based upon ExpressJS, and made of tiny modules doing only one thing, but doing it well.


Q9 was a closed-source projet and we're releasing modules as open-source progessively. For the moment, we do not want this project to be contributed, but you can use open-source parts to build your own solutions !