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Pixelcabin Shopify CLI

This is the command-line interface for Pixelcabin Shopify Tools. It downloads our template stack and installs the dependencies.


You'll need the following software installed to get started.

  • Node.js: Use the installer provided on the NodeJS website.
    • With Node installed, run [sudo] npm install -g gulp bower.
  • Git: Use the installer for your OS.


The Pixelcabin Shopify CLI is installed through npm.

npm install -g pxlshopify-cli

This will add the pxlshopify command to your system.

Setup Instructions

New Store

  1. Setup the store on Shopify (shortcut: pxlshopify store_setup new)
  2. Setup a private app on your store (shortcut: pxlshopify store_setup app --store=STORENAME), and take note of the api key and api password
  3. Within your store, get the theme id of the starter theme (go to the web editor for the theme, and copy the ID from the end of the url)

Day-to-day use

  1. The app will default to a development environment - to change to production, run pxlshopify env production
  2. run grunt watch
  3. All SCSS files should be created in src/scss, and included via @import within application.scss
  4. All JS files should be created in src/js
  5. All other assets should be created in shop/assets


The CLI periodically gets updates that add features or fix bugs. Use npm to upgrade the CLI to the newest version.

npm update -g pxlshopify-cli

To check what version you currently have, use -v.

pxlshopify -v



Downloads and installs a Pixelcabin Shopify Tools project, into a folder named after the store.

pxlshopify new <store-name> <api_key> <api_password> <theme_id>

You can include Foundation with the --foundation flag.

pxlshopify new <store-name> <api_key> <api_password> <theme_id> --foundation


Lists all available commands in the CLI.

pxlshopify help

Add a command name at the end to learn how a specific command works.

pxlshopify help new