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pwuid Build Status

getpwuid() for Node.js - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

If you're creating a reusable module you should probably use passwd-user instead, as it shells out rather than using a native binding.


$ npm install --save pwuid

This is a native binding and expects you to have the required toolchain. (ignore the node-gyp install)


getpwuid() is a POSIX function and won't work on Windows.

Use optionalDependencies if you need to include it in a cross-platform environment.


const pwuid = require('pwuid');
    name: 'sindresorhus',
    uid: 501,
    gid: 20,
    gecos: 'Sindre Sorhus',
    dir: '/Users/sindresorhus',
    shell: '/bin/zsh'


Accepts a uid number and returns an object with:

  • name: username
  • uid: user ID, same as supplied
  • gid: group ID
  • gecos: user information, usually the users full name
  • dir: home directory
  • shell: default shell

Will use current user process.getuid() if no uid is supplied.


MIT © Sindre Sorhus