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easily output text in lots of fun ways (speech, growl, email, ...)

putt is a node.js module that lets you easily output text in lots of fun ways. It wraps a bunch of other libraries to make this as simple as possible.

var putt = require('putt');
putt().speak("This is spoken aloud by your computer");
putt().desktop_notify("This appears as a desktop notification");

Supported output formats:

  • Speech synthesizer (by say.js)
  • Desktop notification (by node-growl)
  • POST request (by restler)
  • TODO: Email (by nodemailer)
  • More coming soon... (SMS/call - twilio API, twitter/fb, ???)




For speak to work:

  • Mac: it should just work
  • Linux: install Festival and see what voices you have available (e.g. voice_rab_diphone)

For desktop_notify output to work, install:

  • Mac: growl, including the growlnotify extra
  • Linux: notify-send with sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin or equivalent

POST request output

Example usage: