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PushLink - PhoneGap / Cordova plugin Circle CI


$ phonegap plugin add pushlink-cordova-plugin

Compatibility Matrix

Jar File Cordova Comments
pushlink-android-5.5.2 Not released yet .
pushlink-android-5.5.0 pushlink-phonegap-6.0.1 Fixed for Android 6
pushlink-android-5.5.0 pushlink-phonegap-5.5.0 .
pushlink-android-5.4.4 pushlink-phonegap-5.4.4 .


The plugin exposes a global window.PushLink object, so there is no need to instantiate an object.

On your main .js file, you can call:

//this new start API was introduced in pushlink-phonegap-6.0.1 
var successCallback = function success() { console.log('PushLink started successfully'); };
var errorCallback = function error() { console.log('An error occurred.'); };
  apiKey: 'api-key',
  deviceId: 'device-id',
  successCallback: successCallback,
  errorCallback: errorCallback

Help & Support

Always feel free to drop a line to support at pushlink dot com or visit our support.

Users are always welcome to contribute with issues and pull requests