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A node.js command line application that pushes a file to S3 and gives you a URL. Files are public by default.

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To install PushFile, simply run npm install -g pushfile. This will install pushfile globally on your machine.

Create a Config File

To create a config file, just run pushfile --configuration or copy the example config file to your home directory and rename it .pushfile.json.

AWS Credentials

You can go here to get your AWS credentials.


Once your configuration file is created pushing files to S3 is simple:

$ pushfile /path/to/file.ext

To create a unique file name, you can use the -u flag:

$ pushfile -u /path/to/file.ext


0.4 - Replaced Optimist with nomnom for command line args parsing. Bumped all versions and updated AWS SDK to use upload instead of push.

0.3 - Implenmeted PushFile using the native AWS SDK instead of out-dated package

0.2 - Implemented feature that turns all pushed files public by default.