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Chameleon is a library of front-end assets that can be used across Pusher. The general layout and grid have been taken from Foundation for Sites, with our custom components and elements added in on top.

How to use

Chameleon can currently be imported as both a node module, and a ruby gem. Then, import the base chameleon stylesheet in to your project. This includes all of the functions, variables, and mixins that are required:

// For a node project 
@import "~pusher-chameleon/stylesheets/chameleon.scss";
// For a ruby project via sprockets 
@import "chameleon";

You can pick and choose which components you require, so these will need to be explicitly included:

@include CHAMELEON-grid;
@include CHAMELEON-typography;

Publishing a new version

Follow these steps to publish a new version of Chameleon:

  • Ensure you're logged in to npm and RubyGems on your local machine
  • Update the version number in package.json
  • Run rake chameleon:publish

This rake task will publish a new version of Chameleon to the npm registry, push to RubyGems, and build a new version of the docs.


Our fonts are hosted on a CDN (see global.scss). If you're adding Chameleon in to a new project that sits on a new domain, then this will need to be added to the CORS config in the AWS S3 bucket.


Read the Docs

Logo by Agne Alesiute via TheNounProject

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