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Validates multiple JSON documents on disk or in Redis against JSON Schema.

You may use this package to validate documents created by Pupa.rb.


npm install pupa-validate

Display help and usage details:

pupa-validate -h

Read JSON documents from a different directory:

pupa-validate --output_dir /tmp/scraped_data

Read JSON documents from a Redis database (the redis package must be available):

pupa-validate --output_dir redis://

Validate JSON documents whose _type is organization against

pupa-validate organization

See Also

  • Pupa.rb, a Ruby data scraping framework
  • Pupa, the original Python data scraping framework

Bugs? Questions?

This project's main repository is on GitHub:, where your contributions, forks, bug reports, feature requests, and feedback are greatly welcomed.

Copyright (c) 2013 Open North Inc., released under the MIT license