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Validates JSON documents dumped by Pupa against JSON Schema


Validates multiple JSON documents on disk or in Redis against JSON Schema.

You may use this package to validate documents created by Pupa.rb.


npm install pupa-validate

Display help and usage details:

pupa-validate -h

Read JSON documents from a different directory:

pupa-validate --output_dir /tmp/scraped_data

Read JSON documents from a Redis database (the redis package must be available):

pupa-validate --output_dir redis://

Validate JSON documents whose _type is organization against

pupa-validate organization

See Also

  • Pupa.rb, a Ruby data scraping framework
  • Pupa, the original Python data scraping framework

Bugs? Questions?

This project's main repository is on GitHub:, where your contributions, forks, bug reports, feature requests, and feedback are greatly welcomed.

Copyright (c) 2013 Open North Inc., released under the MIT license