Pipe and Unpipe Streams

Pipe and Unpipe streams

As of node 0.8.x, there is no way to unpipe streams. This module attemps to fill the gap by providing a pipe(source, destination[, options]) and unpipe(source, destination) functions working in tandem, to do piping and unpiping of streams.

Install with

npm install pup

Two functions are provided:

  • pipe(source, destination[, options]) : to be used to setup a pipe from source to destination. Same signature as the Stream#pipe method.
  • unpipe(source, destination) : remove the pipe between source and destination. If there are many of those, only the first one is removed. Return true on successful removal, false otherwise.
var fs = require('fs')
var pup = require('pup')
var source = fs.readFileStream('test')
var wrong_destination = fs.readWriteStream('test2')
var destination = fs.readWriteStream('test.bak')
// Pipe to one destination 
pup.pipe(source, wrong_destination)
// Then remove it and pipe to another 
pup.unpipe(source, wrong_destination)
pup.pipe(source, destination)
// Copy the file test.js, which should only end up in test.bak 

This is a bit of a hack that relies on the assumption that there is the same cleanup() listener setup by the Stream#pipe method for the end event on the source and on the destination.