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Punch Current Page Helper

Simple helper that adds "current" class to a link if it points to the current page.

This helper is intended to use with Punch web publishing framework.

How to Use

  • Install the package

    npm install punch-current-page-helper

  • Open your Punch project's configurations (config.json) and add the following:

      "plugins": {
      	"helpers": {
      		"current_page_helper": "./helpers/current_helper.js",
  • Then you can use the helper in your templates like this:

      <a href="/about" class="{{#current}}/about{{/current}}">About</a>

This will add the current class to the link when the user visits the /about page.

Note: Between the section tags {{#current}}..{{/current}} you have to place the URL you want to check as the current. Make sure you always use relative URLs instead of absolute URLs.


Copyright (c) 2012 Lakshan Perera
Licensed under the MIT license.