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This is a node.js library for listening to Mozilla Pulse messages.


npm install pulse


var pulse = require("pulse");
var callback = function(message) {"Success!  Your connection works, and you just recieved this:");;"Now closing connection...");
var conn = pulse.createConsumer("test", "node-pulse-test");
conn.on("message", callback);


Consumers are created by the createConsumer method and are instances of events.EventEmitter. Consumers emit two events:

  • message
  • error

createConsumer(type, name [, topics])

Creates a Consumer with the queue name name and listens to all the topics specified by the topics. topics can be an array of topics, a single topic, or if omitted, will default to all topics on the exchange (#). This method supports the following arguments for type:

  • test - binds to messages on the exchange.
  • meta - binds to messages on the exchange.
  • bugzilla - binds to messages on the exchange.
  • code - binds to messages on the exchange.
  • build - binds to messages on the exchange.


Closes the connection to the Pulse server.

Event: message

function(message) { }

Dispatched whenever a new message is received from Pulse.

Event: error

function(error) { }

Dispatched whenever this is an amqp error with the connection.