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Pull Requests From The CLI

-h, --help                       output usage information
-V, --version                    output the version number
-n, --new                        open a new pull request
-t, --title <title>              pull request title
-d, --description <description>  pull request description
-i, --into <branch>              target branch, defaults to 'master'
-f, --from <branch>              source branch, defaults to current
-I, --into-remote <remote>       target remote server, defaults to 'origin'
-F, --from-remote <remote>       source remote server, defaults to 'origin'
-l, --force-login                request credentials even if already logged in
-p, --preflight                  preflight pull request without actually submitting

Pullr is Copyright © 2014 MojoTech, LLC. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.