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Adds Pug v2.x (aka Jade) support to Brunch

This plugin compiles templates into any of three types:

  • Dynamic: Parameterized function that creates HTML at runtime based on the received parameters.
  • Precompiled: Returns raw HTML string with minimum overhead at runtime.
  • Static: Plain HTML files from pug templates in the assets directory.

See the changes for this version in the CHANGELOG.


npm install pugjs-brunch --save-dev

or through devDependencies in package.json:

  "pugjs-brunch": "^2.11.0",

To compile pug into static, plain HTML, just place your files into the assets directory (usually app/assets).

The runtime

For modules, unless the inlineRuntimeFunctions option is set to true (not recommended), it is neccesary the Pug runtime, a small set of functions that lives in the global variable pug.

If required, the plugin loads a runtime from its own directory, so you don't have to worry about this.


Under certain circumstances the loading of the runtime may fail. If this happens to you, move pug_runtime.js from node_modules/pugjs-brunch/vendor to your vendor folder and load it in the global scope. Example:

  // In your brunch config
  plugins: {
    pug: { pugRuntime: false }
  <!-- in your index.html file -->
    $(document).ready(function() {


The plugin uses the plugins.pug section of your brunch-config and defines this properties:

Name Type Default Notes
locals any Plain JavaScript object passed to Pug for static compilation.
staticBasedir string (brunch) Brunch convention.assets folder as string. This is the root of static templates.
staticPretty boolean true Pug's pretty option for files in staticBasedir, see NOTE (v2.8.5).
preCompilePattern RegExp /.html.pug$/ pre-compile the templates matching this regex (v2.8.6).
pugRuntime boolean true Set to false if you want to load another runtime.
sourceMap boolean true Defaults to brunch sourceMaps (with 's') value, false disables it (v2.8.4).


From v2.11.1 staticPretty is set to false for production builds. Thanks to @stawberri

You can use any Pug options as well, pugjs-brunch set this:

  doctype: 'html',
  basedir: 'app',      // or wherever Brunch config says
  compileDebug: true,  // false if brunch `optimize` mode is 'production'


Use preCompilePattern: /\S/ to evaluate all the templates at build time.

About staticBasedir

This option is only meaningful if you changed the default value of conventions.assets in the Brunch config and you are using absolute paths in includes or extends. This value will be pass to Pug as basedir when compiling static assets as html (see the pug options).


The options pretty and compileDebug are forced to false in production mode.


Dynamic templates

  // brunch-config.js
  plugins: {
    pug: {}
  //- app/views/tmpl.pug
  p= name
  // in the js code
  const tmplFn = require('views/tmpl.pug')
  $('#elem').html(tmplFn({ name: 'John Doe' }))
  // now #elem contains <p>John Doe</p>


  // brunch-config.js
  plugins: {
    pug: {
      locals: { name: 'John Doe' },
      preCompilePattern: /\.html\.pug$/
  //- app/views/tmpl.html.pug
  p= name
  // in the js code
  const htmlStr = require('views/tmpl.html.pug')
  // now #elem contains <p>John Doe</p>

Static files

  // brunch-config.js
  plugins: {
    pug: {
      locals: { name: 'John Doe' }
  //- app/assets/user.pug
  doctype html
      p= name

will create the file ./public/user.html

Using with jscc-brunch

  plugins: {
    jscc: {
      values: {
        _APP: 'My App'  // $_APP can do static replacement
      pattern: /\.(?:js|pug)$/,
      sourceMapFor: /\.(?:js|pug)$/,
      sourceMap: true
    pug: {
      globals: ['$_APP']

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The MIT License (MIT)


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