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Context for pudding


npm install pudding-context --save


Define a Context


Build-in Variables

Modules Available in Expression Scope

These module are exposed in expression scope.

Functions Available in Expression Scope

Key Description Example
camelcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.camelcase() "fooBarBaz"
capitalcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.capitalcase() "FooBarBaz"
constcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.constcase() "FOO_BAR_BAZ"
decapitalcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.decapitalcase() "fooBarBaz"
enumcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.enumcase() "foo:bar:baz"
lowercase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.lowercase() "foobarbaz"
pascalcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.pascalcase() "FooBarBaz"
pathcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.pathcase() "foo/bar/baz"
sentencecase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.sentencecase() "Foo bar baz"
snakecase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.snakecase() "foo_bar_baz"
spacecase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.spacecase() "foo bar baz"
spinalcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.spinalcase() "foo-bar-baz"
titlecase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.titlecase() "Foo Bar Baz"
trimcase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.trimcase() "fooBarBaz"
uppercase(value) Equivalent to stringcase.uppercase() "FOOBARBAZ"
randomBool() Equivalent to randomval.randomBool() "false"
randomDate() Equivalent to randomval.randomDate() "Mon Sep 12 2016 19:31:30 GMT+0900 (JST)"
randomHash() Equivalent to randomval.randomHash() "17c9367824cc48f9af3983c8a0cce562"
randomInt() Equivalent to randomval.randomInt() "6029079844784691"
random() Equivalent to randomval.random() "0.8558629957333093"


This software is released under the MIT License.