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** feature-rich publish / subscribe system. **


[Read the guide][guid] to learn how to use publisher.

Installation and Universal JavaScript Support

publisher works as an AMD module, a Node.js module, or a plain object.

AMD (RequireJS) installation

Place publisher.js in your application and require it as usual, it registers anonymously.

require(['path/to/publisher'], function (publisher) {
  /* Do stuff with publisher here */

Node.js Installation

Install with npm

npm install publisher

Include like everything else

var publisher = require('publisher');

Other browser usage

If neither AMD nor Node.js are detected, publisher is global with a noConflict that restores the previous publisher definition and returns the publisher object.


License & Copyright

Copyright (c) Ryan Florence

MIT-Style License


Fork, create a topic branch, send a pull request :D

Development dependencies

While publisher has no dependencies, developing it does.

You'll need to install some stuff to run the tests and generate docs. There's a script in bin to help. First make sure you've got Node.js, npm, and Python installed, then simply run from the repository root:

$ ./bin/setup-dev

Running tests

$ ./bin/run-tests
# or
$ tap test/test.js

Generating docs

$ ./bin/generate-docs