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publicist generates and tags a UMD build for releases of code that may be used in a browser outside of CommonJS. It automates a workaround for dealing with Bower and other package managers that use Git repositories instead of storing code in a registry like NPM. If you commit your builds to master, you:

  • pollute your commit history
  • spend time fixing PRs where users commit changes to builds

Publicist avoids these issues by tagging commits on a temporary branch. Read more in How It Works


# globally
$ npm install -g publicist
# locally
$ npm install publicist


$ publish <version | semver-increment>

You should add release/ to a .npmignore file to ensure that it is not needlessly published to npm.

How it Works

  1. git checkout master
  2. Update package.json and bower.json to version or increment it by semver-increment
  3. git commit changes with the message 'Release v<version>'
  4. git checkout a new release-* branch, where * is a random string
  5. Bundle the main file using browserify as standalone (UMD) bundle and output it to a ./release directory
  6. git commit the bundle with the message v<version> UMD Bundle
  7. git tag the release commit
  8. git checkout master and force-delete the temporary release branch

The end result is a tag that points to a commit that no longer sits on a branch, but will remain in the tree.