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precise resyncing interval

Precise TICker

PTic is a more precise interval emitter. It resyncs itselfs to the desired timeframe. Bind to the tick event to get notified depending on the interval.

Check the ticker example in the example section for a comparism of setInterval and PTic.

npm install ptic
npm tests

creates a ticker object that emits a tick event according to the specified interval. parameters:

  • interval: the time in milliseconds between two ticks, default: 1000ms.
  • autoStart: optional flag that specifies if the ticker should start on instantiation, default: false

causes the ticker to start emitting tick events

  • startImmediately: specifies if the ticker should start immedately. if set to false the ticker first ticks on the next step in the interval raster.

stops the ticker

indicates if the ticker is currently emitting tick events.

T: emitted tick
interval: 10ms, startImmediately=true
0         10        20        30        40
   T      T         T         T         T
interval: 10ms, startImmediately=false
0         10        20        30        40
          T         T         T         T
var PTic = require('ptic');
var ticker = new PTic(1000, true);
ticker.on('tick', function() {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 4000);