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    Psydux CLI

    Command-line Interface for the Psydux Framework

    What does the Psydux CLI do?

    • Scaffolds new Psydux applications
    • Transpiles es2015 and es2016
    • Bundles for production on file change
    • Serves Psydux applications


    npm install -g psydux-cli

    Create a new Psydux application

    psydux my-app

    Start the development server

    • cd my-app to change directories into the newly created Psydux application titled my-app.

    • psydux to start the development server

    • You can only start the Psydux development server when your current directory is a Psydux application's root folder.

    • If you make a change to a Psydux application's source code and save that change while the Psydux CLI development server is running then the Psydux CLI will use Webpack to bundle a production ready application to my-app/.psydux/dist.

    • You can make changes to the webpack configuration file included in the root directory if you need to. By default the webpack configuration will

      • Transpile ES6

      • Compile Sass (SCSS) and CSS

      • Load images and URLs

      • Reloads on file change

    Command-line arguments

    -port -p

    • psydux -port 8080 start up the development server at port 8080

    • psydux -p 3000 start up the development server at port 3000

    Psydux Framework



    npm i psydux-cli

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